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The Value of a Local Agency

Why outsourcing your monthly marketing can generate value for your business.

I pay one employee $3,000 per month to manage my website, I pay a PR firm another $1,000 for press releases, and I still have to do all my own writing.
Does the above sound like you?
Running your own small business is one of life's most rewarding endeavors. That goes part and parcel with the fact that it is also one of life's most difficult. 
You (and possibly your colleagues) have slaved over your business plan. You have scrimped and saved to bring your vision—of your product or your service—to the world. You bought the machinery. You secured your lease on a shop or an office. But now the world needs to take notice of your work before your monthly overheads slowly eat through your capital. You need to market your business.
Regardless of whether or not you studied marketing personally or not, building an appropriate sales funnel for your business is tough work. You could benefit from having another mind or two to assist you.
That is where a nimble local agency might be able to assist you.
If you and your colleagues have tried applying yourselves to marketing, but you feel it is taking you away from your core work, then imagine the benefits of having assistance.
A local agency can be affordable too. Imagine this scenario before you hire an in-house marketeer:
A firm like yours hires a part-time writer to handle your social media and blog writing for $1500/mo., but this person can't use photoshop to make your new business cards or a website. Does this firm hire another part time graphic designer for another $2500/mo.? Neither of them know anything about search engine optimization, so does that firm engage another agency for $600/mo.? This company still feels like they need better public relations. Should they engage yet another agency for another $2000/mo.?
Piecemeal marketing can be a calamity for a small business. Bills add up, and can suck net earnings to zero. This is the natural consequence of how one person can do a few things really well, or can do a lot of things kinda well.
Outsourcing your marketing to a small team of specialists can save your business money however.
  • If they are local, this marketing team can meet with you at any time. 
  • Their team obviously already works together, so there are no coordination issues. 
  • And they have all the talent under one roof for one monthly fee that would be less than what you would need to pay several employees for a similar variety of work.
Contact a PLETHORA team member to learn more!
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